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Here at WatchCentre we offer you 2 options to purchase one of our timepieces on finance. We offer finance over a period of 12 months, with the interest charged at 8.9%, alternatively you can spread the cost over a period of 6 months completely interest free; using Hitachi Capital Finance.

Please note that in order to be eligible for consideration for finance, you must:

·         Be 18 or over
·         Be in permanent paid employment (over 16 hours a week), retired and receiving a pension, be a homemaker with a partner in permanent paid employment, be self-employed, a student nurse or doctor or provide proof that you are on disability allowance. 
·         Be a U.K. resident (minimum of 12 months)
·         Have your own personal bank account from which a direct debit can be taken.
·         Be able to provide acceptable proof of address and proof of signature
·         Make direct payments by direct debit
·         Be purchasing the product for personal, not business use.
·         Maximum loan amount £20,000 less 10% deposit.


We would require a minimum 10% deposit for your chosen watch. In order to set up the credit you would have to come in person to our gallery, we cannot set this up over the phone for security precautions. You would need to bring photo I.D. with you, either a passport or driving license. We would also require an original bill such as a utility bill and bank statements sent to your home address; we advise you to bring at least the last 3 months’ worth of bank statements.

We can take the deposit by cash or credit/debit card, we do not accept cheques. You can leave a larger deposit than 10% of the cost of the item if you wish to do so; this would decrease your monthly instalments as well as the amount of interest charged (if applicable).




Examples are provided in below to show the different deposit amounts and how the monthly instalments would work out.

Purchase Amount £8,950.00
Deposit £895.00
Loan Amount £8,055.00
Credit Product Interest Bearing - 12 Months
Monthly Installments £702.76


Purchase Amount £8,950.00
Deposit £2,000.00
Loan Amount £6,950.00
Credit Product Interest Bearing Credit - 12 months
Monthly Installments £606.36

In the latter example your monthly instalment would be £606.36, if you multiply that by 12, you would get £7276.32, which would be the total amount you would be paying back to Hitachi. As you can see, the amount borrowed is £6,950 and when you add the charge of 8.9% interest it works out at £326.32 giving you the total of £7276.32.




Purchase Amount £8,950.00
Deposit £895.00
Loan Amount £8,055.00
Credit Product Interest Free Credit - 6 months
Monthly Installments £1,342.50


Purchase Amount £8,950.00
Deposit £2,000.00
Loan Amount £8,055.00
Credit Product Interest Free Credit - 6 months
Monthly Installments £1158.33

As you can see the larger your initial deposit is, the less your monthly payments work out to be.

If the credit application is referred, this means that Hitachi would require further information before a decision can be made; we will call them while you are in the store and they may need to speak with you for a few minutes.

If the credit application is declined, we will print off a decline letter for you but we will not be given a reason as to why it has been declined. On the decline letter there will be information on how to contact Hitachi regarding the decision.

You are able to make over payments on your monthly payments, but if you wish to pay off the balance in full before the 6 or 12 month agreement comes to an end then you can call Hitachi, there will be an early repayment fee of an additional 30 days interest.

If you require any more information or have any questions please contact us on 0203 542 0304 or alternatively you can e-mail us at

Finance applications will only be processed Monday to Friday.