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Franck Muller met Vartan Sirmakes towards the end of the 1980’s. Franck was making his own models of timepieces under the brand ‘Frank Geneva.’ He had unveiled his World Premiers each year since 1986, complications that branded him a genius amongst his peers. Vartan had set up a workshop in a district near Lake Geneva, having made cases for numerous fine watchmaking brands.

Franck called upon Vartan’s skills in 1991, requesting him to design his new case bodies. It was then they realised that their combined skills, passion and experience could birth a truly extraordinary brand.

Manufacture Franck Muller was officially founded in 1991, close to Geneva, in a village called Gethod. Three years later, Manufacture Franck Muller was established in the same location. This production site, eventually dubbed as ‘Watchland’, overlooked Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

The beginning of the 90s saw the emergence of the quartz movement, which resulted in many in the Swiss industry giving up. In a somewhat bold and risky choice, Franck Muller did not follow the crowd and dedicated itself to mechanical watches with complications.

During this period, it was almost impossible to gain a reputation and standing when rivalled by large watchmaking houses that have been within the industry for centuries. Watchmakers, especially in the fine watch sector, honoured tradition and as result were not very welcoming to innovation, particularly in terms of design.  In a daring move, Franck Muller introduced the Cintree Curvex; a curved body with 3 dimensions.  Requiring incredible difficulty in production, these boundary breaking time pieces came in bright colour dials, taking a gallant step in Fine Watches.

The Franck Muller Group has devoted itself to controlling the many stages of its production for many years. This has allowed them to continue producing one unique model after the next, providing its customers with a higher quality and better turnaround times.

As the fine watch market continues to saturate, Franck Muller continues to push the barriers of watch making with technique and innovation, whilst still keeping true the traditions of Swiss watchmaking. The Franck Muller Group’s individuality and self-sufficient production processes has allowed the company to be unmatched in creativity, making them leaders in starting new trends, as oppose to following them. 

Less than two decades has seen The Franck Muller Group experience worldwide growth and popularity, a steady financial status and a yearly production of 40,000 watches.  There are now 6 production sites and over 500 employees in Switzerland alone. Internationally the brand boasts 48 stores and 600 points of sale in over 100 countries.

Franck Muller has been responsible from some truly unique collections over the years: from the likes Crazy Hours and Vegas models featuring more amusing complications, to the Aeternitas Mega, boasting 36 complications and 1483 components – considered the most complicated wrist watch in the world.  It is works such as this that only supports the brands label as ‘Master of Complications.’

Muller and Sirmakes have fused an original design with conventional mechanism to transform a small brand into an international success that has charmed the world all over.

                                              Conquistador Cortez                                                              

 Big Ben Alarm

Master Square

Collections:  Aeternitas/ Mega, Art Deco, Black Croco, Casablanca, Cintree Curvex, Color Dreams, Crazy Hours, Conquistador, Conquistador GPG, Conquistador Cortez, Double Mystery, Evolution/ Revolution, Galet, Grace Curvex, Giga Tourbillon, Heart, Infinity, Liberty/ Freedom, Long Island, Master Square, Ronde, Safari, Secret Hours, Vegas.