Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show is a trade show for the watch and jewellery industry organized annually in the city of Basel, Switzerland. The international show unites about 2,100 exhibitors from over 45 countries, including the leading watch and jewelry brands, as well as companies specializing in precious gems. The exhibitors display their latest products to the industry's experts, mass media representatives, and watch collectors and connoisseurs.

Visitors of the show get acquainted with an exclusive range of products. The exhibition area covers more than 160,000 m2 with different halls situated on several floors. Products are divided in specialized sectors placed in six exhibition halls - Hall of Universe, Hall of Elements, Hall of Visions, etc. The Baselworld management takes care of updating the halls' design. In 2007 the Hall of Dreams has been entirely redecorated.

Watch and jewellery companies, and other brands related to the industry exhibit their products in their own halls. Baselworld also comprises national pavilions. The show provides a thorough market overview and offers the participants a suitable business platform for discovering new opportunities and finding new partners. Baselworld traditionally takes place in spring. The show attracts over 94,000 visitors, with retailers and wholesalers from different parts of the world. Show visitors get surrounded by business and networking atmosphere and become aware of the latest industry trends and innovations.

 BaselWorld Village

The event's participants may also visit the Baselworld Village located in the neighborhood. The 'village' provides special facilities, including bars and restaurants, lounges and outdoor areas where partners may discuss their business matters in a cozy atmosphere. The Baselworld Village is open every evening from 6 pm to 2 am during the exhibition. To visit the 'village', the show participants have to take a 10-minute journey by taxi, tram or bus.


The history of the show dates back to 1917 when there was established the first Schweizer Mustermesse Basel (MUBA in short) with a special section devoted to watches and jewellery. In 1925 MUBA organized the show which included several watch manufacturers, while in 1931 there appeared the first Schweizer Uhrenmesse ‘Swiss Watch Show’ in a specialized pavilion. The year 1972 marked an important event in the history of the exhibition – MUBA held 'Europe's meeting place' exhibition which gathered the companies from France, Italy, Germany, and United Kingdom.

In 1983 the show changed its name – it was called BASEL plus two numerals denoting the exhibition year - BASEL 83. Basel 86 included companies from outside Europe, having resulted in the increased number of visitors coming from outside Europe.

In 1995 the show once again officially changed its name for 'BASEL 95 - The World Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show'. In 1999 the history of BaselWorld was highlighted by the official opening of the new Halle 1, covering 2 × 18,000 m2. The show was organized on three newly designed floors of the exhibition building. Basel 2000 marked the increase of 6 per cent in trade visitors. The show comprised two innovative features - the Basel Award and the Basel Forum.

The year 2003 witnessed the further step in the exhibition's development – there appeared a new corporate identity - BaselWorld, The Watch and Jewellery Show. The new name and image were introduced as an essential part of a three-year strategic development project for the show. BaselWorld gained the position of the leading world show in the luxury goods industry.

In 2004 there was built a new hall complex onto Halle 5. The Hall of Universe comprised the national pavilions. The exhibition area extended to 160,000 m2, having attracted more than 89,000 visitors. In 2005 the Hall of Elements is was redesigned, having presented multi-storey stands for exhibiting precious stone, diamond and pearls sector. In 2006 the Baselworld featured new 'First Avenue' in the Hall of Visions.

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