Hublot Loves Football

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The World Cup is finally here and is being held in Brazil, a colourful and vibrant country full of energy and atmosphere. It is therefore imperative to have one of the biggest events of 2014 working in partnership with a prestigious company such as Hublot, who will be taking care of and ultimately revolutionising the referee boards. For the first time in history, in partnership with FIFA, Hublot has created an innovative design of the board in the shape of a watch. It is the first time FIFA has agreed to change its rulings in order to accommodate one of its partners and emphasises the trust between such landmark organisations.

Hublot has excelled in its design and carried out in depth research by showing the same dedication and impeccable level of standard into these designs as they do with their watches. There were very specific regulations and requirements set out by FIFA’s authorities such as size and weight of the board that Hublot had to adhere to during the painstaking development process. Initially they weighed 7kg (15lb) but the engineers managed to design a prototype that weighed less than 4kg and was then quality tested by FIFA and its Referee Committee. Around 30 boards were eventually delivered to Rio, Brazil just in time for the World Cup. Such support, thought and innovation was put into the smallest of details which speaks volumes about the quality of Hublot’s watches. Furthermore, there is no surprise then, Hublot loves football! 

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