Our Step-by-Step Guide to WatchCare

Watch care is important, especially if you want your treasured timepiece to look as good as the day you bought it for years to come.
If you want to know how to complete a professional watch care routine in the comfort of your own home, WatchCentre has compiled some useful tips to keep your investment looking and feeling as good as new.
Make your clean commitment
Everyday dirt, sweat, and oils can affect the way your watch looks, even its odour. Keeping on track with your watch care routine on a daily basis will ensure that the upkeep of your timepiece is easily maintained. 
1. Protect your watch from water and make sure you let it breathe from time to time. Some watch owners fall into the bad habit of wearing their watch 24/7. In fact, it’s recommended that you take it off when bathing and whilst you’re sleeping, leaving it somewhere safe and secure.
2. On a weekly basis, it’s recommended that you use more thorough cleaning techniques. Remember to remove any leather or material straps from the watch case during cleaning. Wipe down the entire surface of the watch, paying close attention to specs of more prominent dirt.
3. Treat your luxury watches as well as you treat your precious jewels. Don't allow your watch to be immersed in hot water. Even if your watch is water-resistant, hot water can cause damage to the gaskets. 

The sweet smell of luxury
1. Moisture can be easily trapped between your watch and your skin, causing a questionable odour. Luke warm water, fairy liquid and a soft bristle toothbrush will remove stubborn odours without leaving damage. This process should only be completed during an extensive clean as you will want to get the bracelet links and any other hard to reach places.  
2. Leather watch straps are more vulnerable to damage from perspiration and moisture than metal bracelets are, so take off your watch if you’re going to exercise and wipe the straps daily with a slightly damp cloth lightly cleansing the strap.

3.     Always remember to review a manufacturer's care instructions if you’re not sure, before cleaning it yourself. Storing your watches in a high-quality watch box will guard them and keep them organised. 
Every watch in our portfolio meets our rigorous standards of inspection and quality control and is checked by our highly trained personnel. You will have our guarantee on the authenticity on every watch sold and we give a one year guarantee on all our vintage and second-hand wristwatches.

All watches in the WatchCentre
showroom have undergone extensive servicing to meet our exacting standards as follows: 
-    The strap is detached from the watch case, opening the case and removing the movement. We then take the case apart to get a better look.
-    The movement is closely inspected to see which parts we may need to replace. 
-    We clean each component of the watch
-    The case and strap are checked for damage, and are then thoroughly cleaned to restore its original shine. 
-    The case is then reunited with its strap; all seals are then replaced to ensure waterproofness. 
-    Quality checks are performed to guarantee the watch meets our requirements. A vacuum test, condensation, and compression test are performed to discover even tiny amounts of moisture left behind.
All of our watches promise to look phenomenal and with our step by step watch care guide, yours can stay looking that way forever. If you would like more information on purchasing one of our pieces, or selling one from your own collection, call us on 0207 491 0042 or email us at watches@watchcentre.com 

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