Patek Philippe sells for 1.2M CHF!!

Image credit : Antiquorum

Patek Philippe Ref. 5002 - Pink Gold Sky Moon Tourbillon - Piece Unique with Special Order Case, No. 3350053, case No. 4382101.

This particular watch is an exceptional unique example of the Sky Moon Tourbillon, a very valued client of Patek Philippe had the pink gold case made to order, the original case design for this model features the company's Calatrava symbol in relief in a repeated pattern around the band, however the case on this watch, that was recently sold for a massive 1.2M CHF which is roughly £817,000; comprises of six concentric ribs, with the edges giving the effect of eight ribs in total; the decoration also continues on the repeat-slide. Only on very rare occasions will Patek Philippe even consider a special order request and still usually only to clientele which have a long history of exceptional purchases. This is one of those watches as this is not only the most complicated wristwatch ever made my Patek Philippe, but a unique therefore making the model a particularly rare and and desirable example of the Sky Moon Tourbillon.

Sold on February 4th, 2008. Extremely fine, important and unique, oversized, minute-repeating on cathedral gongs, astronomic, 18K pink gold, double-dialed chronometer wristwatch with one-minute tourbillon regulator, perpetual calendar with fly-back retrograde date, nocturnal sky chart of the Northern Hemisphere, moon phases and lunar orbit, time of the meridian passages of Sirius and moon, solar mean and sidereal time indications and an 18K pink gold Patek Philippe buckle. Accompanied by the beautifully crafted original Patek Philippe fitted box with lock and key, a setting pin, Official Chronometer Certificate and a Certificate of Origin, hang-tag and instructions.

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