TAG Heuer- Say Hello to Carrera CH80

Photo Credit: www.gmtminusfive.com
Introducing The TAG Heuer Carrera CH80, TAG's New In-House Chronograph Movement

TAG Heuer brings you the Carrera CH80, their brand new in-house chronograph movement. This timepiece is an example of a huge speculation that exceeds even their impeccable standards. The ‘CH 80’ stands for the 80 hour power reserve and also features three register chrono, a stainless steel bezel and overall a much thinner (62mm) and sharper look. It is an adaptation to an already impressive collection as the Carrera’s seemingly emit luxury and finesse.

The sheer effort and intricate details are displayed in the powerful splashes of red, seen on the second hands and crown and is available in another style of black and white described as a ‘panda’ version. These came about in the mid 1960s in the CH80 models. It is therefore obvious why the Calibre CH80 is so important, as it a huge venture by TAG Heuer to create the perfect masterpiece.

As a result, TAG Heuer are expected to double production capacity from 50,000 in-house chronograph movements from last year to an estimated 100,000 in 2016. In order to accommodate this, they have invested CHF 40 million in a new manufacturing facility in Chevenez, Switzerland. 

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