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Breitling was founded by Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling in 1884 who had a reputation for making reliable precision-made chronometers. The company would go on to develop many firsts in horology and was one of the first companies to fit a slide-rule to the bezel of their watches, thus creating the renowned Navitimer. These watches instantly became popular with pilots in the 1940s who no longer had to carry a separate slide-rule in the cockpit with them.

Breitling also developed the Super Ocean range which is one of the most reliable dive watches on the market. And they were the watch of choice for Astronaut Scott Carpenter, who was a leading member of the Mercury program and went on to become the second American to orbit the Earth after John Glenn.

Today the brand is worn on the wrist of many celebrities, sportsmen and explorers. Their timepieces are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique design and materials including highly polished stainless steel bezels and super-strong interlinked bracelets.

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