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Tudor Watches, formally known as Montres TUDOR SA, is a luxury brand of watches based in Geneva. Upon being registered in the Swiss region in 1926 at the request of Rolex SA founder Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor Watches began a momentous journey towards becoming a staple name synonymous with quality and design.

Tudor Watches have created various designer lines inspired by different sources, including heritage, sport, and diving. The watches are available in a plethora of models, metals, and colours, affording browsers versatility when it comes to shopping. Whether it be for practicality, style, or as a new heirloom for future generations, there is a Tudor watch to suit every desire.

The company is also famed for its number of recognisable ambassadors. In the past, icons such as Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Jay Chou, and the All Blacks have represented the watchmakers, demonstrating a favourable reputation across the spotlights.

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