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Discover our collection of Omega watches for both men and women. Omega began in a small workshop in Switzerland in 1848, and since then the brand has become synonymous with luxury and style. For over 160 years, Omega watches have kept time for some of the world's most distinguished men and women.

In 1962, an Omega watch entered space when astronaut Wally Schirra wore a Speedmaster on the Mercury Sigma 7 Mission; and in the 1990s Omega gained cult status when James Bond sported a Seamaster in films like Goldeneye. Today, Omega watches are the official timekeepers of the Olympic games.

Omega watches have maintained their popularity for years not just because of the status they confer, but also because of the innovation and craftsmanship which goes into producing each watch. Omega watches are high-quality timepieces, popular around the world for their unique design and accuracy.

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