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Longines seamlessly blends elegance, tradition, and performance into their premier watches. Each collection is designed to a unique set of design principles, creating watch 'schools' that all respect the core brand values of elegance and timeless, functional design.

Appropriate on even the most elegant of occasions, Longines' flawless Swiss watches will enchant and beguile you; their charm and workmanship are obvious from the merest glance, with models available in a variety of materials - from stainless steel to yellow gold. Longines watches keep time even as they operate as high-class fashion items. Founded in 1832 on the principles of split-second timekeeping in professional sporting events, Longines is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd, the world's leading manufacturer of timepieces. The company supplies fashionable watches to clients all over the world. Since then, Longines has earned countless prizes and accolades, constantly iterating on classic quality while remaining at the cutting edge of modern style and technology.

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