Anna Kournikova wears chanel J12 watch

Chanel J12 in Black avaliable on


The Channel J12 is the perfect watch to wear, whether you’re attending a high class event, or just sun-bathing like Ana’s doing here. Channel J12’s design is classy, yet simple and it is one of those watches that you can’t forget easily.

 Channel does everything perfect, and this watch is no exception. It’s luxurious, sparkly and all the technology used is the most advanced Swiss tech. Whether we’re talking about the black or the white version of the Channel J12, it’s really the same awe that’s inspired by the watch.  As a symbol of style and great taste, the ceramic bracelet of the watch alone is amazing. Seeing how stylish this watch looks, could you even begin to believe that the ceramic coating is actually the one used by NASA to build rocket-ships?
This is how resistant the materials used for the Channel J12 are. Moreover, the watch Ana Kurnikova is wearing in that picture has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial window, which means that she could easily wear the Channel J12 at a game and not worry that it might scratch.



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