Barcelona Soccer Player Eric Abidal Gives Cancer-Stricken 15-Year-Old his Rolex

Eric Abidal is a defenseman for Barcelona.  He is also a cancer survivor, and one hell of a guy.

Abidal survived liver cancer just last year, and since then has become very active in supporting the fight against all forms of the disease.  Recently, the father of a 15-year-old cancer-stricken boy named Juan Garcia wrote a letter to a Spanish newspaper describing how Abidal was his son's inspiration for the fight to get better.

Abidal actually visited the cancer ward where he met with Garcia and several other sick children.  At the end of the meeting, Abidal took the gold Rolex Daytona he wears every day and presented it to the 15-year-old Garcia.  No matter what Garcia and his father said, Abidal would not take it back.  Abidal said "It doesn’t matter what this is worth. I want your son to be happy."

Nobody knows exactly where this Daytona came from - some believe it was presented to each member of the Barcelona squad at the end of last season to commemorate their double triumph of winning Spain’s La Liga and the Champions League, while others think it was the prize for winning a Barcelona fans’ player of the year award.  No matter the origins, it undoubtedly will be something that Juan Garcia never lets go.

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