BaselWorld 2011: New CERACHROME Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

A truly inspired release at BaselWorld 2011 is the new rose gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a black CERACHROME (ceramic) bezel. This watch is reminiscent of the Paul Newman Daytona's which also sported black bezels.

Aside from the black ceramic bezel, the new Daytona is identical to the current model watch, with the same 40mm case diameter and calibre 4130 movement. The dial design is decidedly different from previous Daytona's, which have come in a wide variety of designs. PVD black hour markers are placed on a chocolate brown dial is something we have not seen before in a Rolex watch. 
This is a truly stunning design, and something I think no one was expecting. I suspect, this will be the most talked about Rolex for the show. It leaves us hanging, waiting another year to see if Rolex will start offering more ceramic bezeled Daytona's, or if the current model will receive a totally different refresh in 2012, the year of its 50th anniversary. But that is for another show. 

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