Patek Philippe releases brand new Sky Moon Tourbillon; Ref 6002

Image Credit: Watchpro

The new edition features apertures instead of hands for the day, (positioned at 9 0’clock) month (positioned at 3 0’clock) and leap year displays (positioned at 12 0’clock); as well as indicating the moon phases instead of the moon age (positioned at 6 0’clock).

Thanks to its intricately hand enamelled dial and hand engraved white gold case it differs greatly from the older model Ref 5002; hand crafted from a solid white gold block each ornamental element is carefully carved; including the directional arrow (positioned on the 4 0’clock crown) and the astral motif (positioned on the 2 0’clock crown), which adjusts the celestial functions on the back of the dial.

Crafted from a thin gold disk; the front dial is set with hand applied champlevé enamel and the centre is decorated with cloisonné enamel; using a flattened gold wire the contours of the blossoms and leaves are shaped and then filled with varying shades of blue enamel.

Patek have not currently released a price for this stunning new timepiece however Ref 5002 retailed for a reported $1.2M (around £777,750) and upwards!

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