According to a report in the Daily Mail, the parent company Sit-Up Ltd has been accused by Ofcom of breaching broadcasting regulations 27 times.

The company has been accused of making false claims regarding the products; one of the areas which had come to light is timepieces.

On one occasion Bid TV’s presenter sold a limited edition chronograph Ingersoll as containing a “Swiss Made” movement when in reality they had been assembled in China!

On one occasion a Price Drop TV presenter claims a Christin Lars watch was “smothered in diamonds” when in fact it had only eight small stones.

The Advertising Standards Agency has been monitoring these indiscretions and bringing them to light however has no power to act against Sit-Up, whereas Ofcom have the authority to take the shows off air.

The ASA said: “Since January 2012 there have been 27 ASA rulings against Sit-Up Ltd. We are concerned that that number of misleading ads creates an on-going and cumulative risk of financial detriment to consumers.”

Sit-Up countered this by claiming that it had made “significant and continuous efforts to improve our compliance performance and procedures”.

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