Watch Care Tips - Extending The Life Of Your Luxury Watch

Watch Care Tips -
Extending The Life Of Your Luxury Watch

A beautiful watch is far more than something that simply tells the time. It's a symbol of complex engineering, with its own rich and interesting history.

Many times, sentimental values outweigh financial ones when it comes to luxury watches. They are built to last and with the correct care, you can keep them in pristine condition for years to come. We have compiled a useful guide to extending the life of your luxury watch, so read on for some handy tips.

Regular Watch Cleaning

Cleaning your watch frequently can extend its life by helping to keep it in good working order, as well as looking like new. Wipe down the case, crystal and strap with a soft clean cloth on a regular basis to remove any dirt and dust. Never use an abrasive cloth or brush.

If you have a waterproof watch, you can submerge it in cool or warm water every couple of months to dislodge the dirt before wiping it. Never immerse your watch in hot water, as this can damage the gaskets, even if your watch is waterproof.

However, avoid getting a leather strap wet, as this can spoil its appearance. You can immerse rubber straps in water. Usually, a slightly damp cloth will do the trick for metal watch cases and bracelets.

Avoiding Chemical Contact

Avoid any contact with harsh cleaning products containing chemicals. At the most, a little gentle soap can be used on your watch, but nothing more. Most cleaning supplies, perfume, body oils and aftershave are all bad news for luxury watches.

Chemicals can damage leather straps, including spoiling their appearance, weakening them and even causing them to tear in severe cases. Your luxury watch - and expensive diamond jewellery - should be the final thing you put on before leaving the house. Always make sure perfume is totally dry on your skin before putting on your watch.

Handling With Care

Always handle your luxury watch with the greatest care. When an accessory has cost you thousands of pounds, it goes without saying that you should treat it gently. Take your watch off if you're participating in unruly or messy activities that have the potential to cause damage.

This will reduce the risks of scratching your watch or otherwise damaging the case, glass, strap and internal mechanism. This is good advice to adhere to at all times and isn't something you should forget, as one rash move can cause instant damage.

storing your watch properly

When not wearing your watch, always keep it in the box it came in when possible. If you carelessly leave your watch lying on its side, or on the crystal, there is more chance it will get scratched or damaged.

You may think taking it off in the kitchen for five minutes while you wash the dishes, or in the bathroom while you take a shower, doesn't matter. On the contrary, by placing the watch on a kitchen surface or bathroom shelf, there's always the possibility it could get scratched or dropped if you have wet hands. A luxury watch box is specifically designed to keep the timepiece safe whenever it's not on the wearer's wrist. It’s best to pop it in the box even if you're not wearing it for a very short period.

Avoiding prolonged sun exposure

Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, as this can cause your watch to deteriorate almost before you realise it. Any prolonged time in bright sunlight can cause the colours on your watch to fade, especially if it's a vintage watch.

In addition, the heat can shorten the battery life of your watch, so never place it in direct sunlight, such as on a dressing table on a sunny day, when you could leave it safely in the box instead.

watches and water

We've already touched upon how to clean your watch and how the ultimate care should be taken, even if it's a waterproof model. While many modern luxury watches are built with a degree of water resistance, make sure you understand your watch’s limits.

Some luxury watches at the top end of the sports watch market may be able to withstand being submerged in water at a depth of more than 1,000 metres. Others may be safe only at a depth of 50 metres. If you have a luxury sports watch designed for water-based activities, such as scuba diving, be mindful of its individual limitations.

Avoiding strong magnets near your watch

Putting your watch too close to a strong magnet can potentially affect its accuracy, or even stop the mechanism altogether. If you work in an industry where this may be an issue, ideally buy a watch that is suited to the environment.

At the very least, keep yours in the box in your locker if you're going into an environment where magnetic fields could cause a problem. This issue can be repaired but can be quite an inconvenience.


Every luxury watch must be serviced regularly to help extend its life. A general guideline is to have a mechanical watch serviced about every two to three years. A quartz watch should be serviced every three to four years.

While this is a general rule of thumb, the length of time between services can also be impacted by your particular use and the brand and quality of the watch.

never open the watch yourself

Unless you have some experience and know exactly what you're doing, never open the watch yourself for any reason. This can expose it to dirt, dust and other particles in the atmosphere. These can get into the movement, causing damage. If you have a problem, go to an expert to avoid taking any risks.

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