Top 5 Vacheron Constantin Watches To Own In 2023

Top 5
Vacheron Constantin
Watches To Own In 2023

A History Of The Brand

Founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron over 250 years ago in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has a long history and is one of the oldest and most established luxury watchmakers today. Created out of a deeply Swiss love of making high-quality luxury timepieces, the Vacheron Constantin brand is still associated with prestige, with close attention to detail being paid to the making of each watch.

Known for using delicate and precise mechanics within every timepiece, these watches combine robust leather bracelets with precious metals - which explains why these pieces can stand the test of time. Over the years, Vacheron Constantin has held on to its heritage, offering a custom service for customers who wish for a truly bespoke piece, while also adapting to changing mores that have moved away from consistently unique watches and towards mass production. All this has been achieved with a consistent output that is uncommon among such established brands.

Whether you are seeking a luxury watch to wear daily or you are an avid collector who covets some of the vintage pieces Vacheron Constantin has released over the years, there is something for you.

Here, we take a closer look at five of the best Vacheron Constantin watches to own in 2023, perfect for those new to the world of luxury watches and committed collectors alike.

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Overseas Self-Winding Silver Dial Ref. 4500v

The Overseas Self-Winding Silver Dial Ref. 4500v is one of the most attractive luxury watches for those seeking a timepiece that can keep up with their daily activities. Costing approximately £21,000 new, the initial model of this beautiful watch was designed by Jorg Hysek in 1977, and it has only evolved since.

This watch has the option of a leather, rubber, or tri-link bracelet to adapt the look and functionality of the piece.

With the Maltese cross cut into the bezel, the smooth stainless steel casing is elegant yet practical, with additions such as luminous stripes on the hands of the dial to provide a good level of visibility at any time of day. The small, unobtrusive date window gives you a glimpse of how passionately each detail of this watch has been considered.

Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial

The Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial is another watch in the Overseas family, which also boasts a choice of bands so that you can choose a suitable option for your daily activities. However, the case makes this Chronograph watch stand out from the crowd. It has a slightly more complicated design, with a blue dial and blue subdials, as well as delicate silver hands and silver mainhands. Again, this watch benefits from luminous stripes for visibility purposes.

With a 3 'o clock crown and pushes at both 2 and 4, you can enjoy decorative features such as Arabic numerals and hashes, as well as a jaunty date window placed between 3 and 4. With prices starting from approximately £31,200 new, this lovely piece was created initially by Vincent Kaufmann and Dino Modolo.

Historiques American 1921 Pink Gold

Harking back to the 1921 watch created to appeal to buyers in the USA, The Historiques American 1921 Pink Gold is an iconic recreation with a unique and stunning appearance sure to appeal to any collector. With a case that is more square than many designs, the sides have a bowed appearance that keep it looking smooth and rounded. The smooth 18k pink gold is a luxurious touch.

With more than a small nod to tradition, this manual-winding option has numerals in a font reminiscent of the 1920s, with a chronometre sundial and decorative touches on the hands. For anyone who is seeking a quirky vintage appearance with a new timepiece, this model is ideal and costs from £29,300 brand new.

Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Platinum

Another piece inspired by the rich history of Vacheron Constantin, the Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Platinum was created to emulate the Cornes De Vache ("cow horns") - named for the unusual horn shapes. The lugs are not the only standout feature of this watch, though the curve of the bezel is designed to give them and the dial centre stage. While the watch appears quite delicate, it has a great level of functionality, with a tachymeter hand in a stylish blue. With Arabic and Roman numerals and subdials at the thirty and sixty-minute positions, this effortlessly chic watch captures the attention.

Fifty-Six Self-Winding

The Fifty-Six Self-Winding is another echo from history, an up-to-the-minute take on the 1956 Reference 6073. With a 22k gold weight and a flared crown, this watch boasts stainless steel that speaks to the elegance of the piece, without detailed markings to distract from the simple beauty.

The luminous stripes on the odd hours for both visibility and a unique look, which is also present on the hour and minute hands. The Fifty-Six Self-Winding has applied Arabic numerals in striking metal and all of this combines to create a watch that stands out from the crowd at a highly reasonable price of approximately £12,000 brand new.

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